John Corston Memorial Lodge

John had a vision of a place where we could gather. 

A place that was safe to celebrate our full Indigenous heritage.

A place where we could practice as Christians on a path of Healing. 

Kateri Native Ministry

The Creator is Love. 

The Creator is present everywhere and in all things. 

Healing comes through love.

Love tears down all walls.

For over 2 decades Kateri Native Ministry has continuously hosted our Annual Healing and Reconciliation Conference. This year's theme of Faith, Hope and Love is perhaps the most important yet.

With Special Guest: Patrick Twohy, SJ


Limited Spots available. Make sure you book today!

Kateri Bookings

Ministry, music, and traditional teachings. Kateri Native Ministry offers services to churches, universities and Indigenous communities across the country.


How We Learn

Kateri Native Ministry’s new Kendasawin Learning program helps both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous participants develop wisdom practices that promote life, love and respect for all Creation.

Kateri News

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Leadership Formation
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