God is Love


Kateri Native Ministry is committed to the healing, reconciliation and spiritual growth of Indigenous people across Canada. Kateri’s headquarter is in eastern Ontario and serves in communion with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ottawa.


Every aspect of our ministry is designed to give our people healing, reconciliation and a sense of belonging in Creation by asking God to reveal the truth and power in Christian and Indigenous spirituality.



Everything we do is with the intention of sharing God’s perfect love. For us, love is the means and the ends, for God is Love.


We seek to reconnect Indigenous people to their traditional roots and to be with them to find their place in their communities, the Church and in their hearts.


We focus on experiential, life-changing ministry rooted in personal testimony, inclusiveness and traditional land-based learning.


We look for the sacredness in all things and approach life with an attitude of gratitude and respect.


We are grateful for the people who came before us and work to develop leaders who will make the world better for the future.


We are a family, a home, and a church for Indigenous people from all backgrounds and walks of life.



To provide paths of healing for all Indigenous people.
To promote a deeper understanding and love for Indigenous history, culture and traditions.
To foster reconciliation and friendship between Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people.

Leadership Formation

To encourage members of the Indigenous community to become leaders through programming with Saint Paul University.
To provide practical support for Indigenous students attending programs at St. Paul University.


To support residential school survivors and their families.
To conduct hospital and home visits.
To help families in the process of bereavement.
To conduct outreach programs to Indigenous communities across Canada.
To offer referrals to Indigenous people struggling with addictions.


To build bridges in the Church among Indigenous people here on Turtle Island and those whose ancestors are not Indigenous to this land.
To celebrate Catholic sacraments and catechesis with Indigenous experience and traditions.
To work ecumenically with other Christian churches in a spirit of friendship and mutual respect.


To continue consulting and building a partnership with St. Paul University for pastoral lay formation.
To develop relevant and effective curriculum and learning resources.
To develop a credible certificate for Indigenous students who currently lack full academic qualifications.
To develop an Indigenous enculturation program as a practical.
To publish an Indigenous-Christian prayer book.


To acquire more financial and practical resources to support the increase in requests for programming.
To expand our staff to include a full-time priest, a program manager and other support staff.
To build and make plans for a traditional healing and teaching lodge at Naategamaa.