This is an exciting time in Canada. Indigenous communities across the country are becoming revitalized as they reconnect with their traditions and rediscover the core elements of their identities that the colonizers had taken from them.

Kateri’s Indigenous Enculturation Program will provide experiential, land-based learning to teach important lessons on everything from history, to clan systems, to sacred objects and how they relate to our faith. Kateri discusses how these traditions fit in a Christian context. At the end of the Enculturation Program we celebrate with an inclusive Indigenous mass.

The Enculturation Program will be designed to contribute to the healing process, as Indigenous people reconnect with their traditions and ways of life, and regain a sense of wholeness. The program will be open to non-Indigenous people including laity, deacons, and clergy. As non-Indigenous Christians learn more about our knowledge and traditions, they are able to be better ministers of God working alongside our communities with newfound respect, love and appreciation.

“How Good am I for Creation?”

A difference between Indigenous and non-Indigenous thought can be in the way we observe our surroundings. For example, many people will count tree rings to determine the age of the tree. We look at tree rings and wonder: “What were the tree’s experiences, both good and bad?” “How can I apply this lesson to my own life?” “How Good am I for Creation?