Outreach is part of our daily ministry. From missions in remote communities, to hospital visits, to reconnecting with old friends, outreach is an uplifting source of empowerment that brings healing and reconciliation, connection and a sense of wholeness.


Our mission program offers music and worship, culture, training and leadership formation to Indigenous Christian communities both in the city and across Canada. They are opportunities for us to share and learn from each other and to rediscover aspects of our Indigenous identities together and to appreciate how being Indigenous is fully compatible with being Christian.
Kateri organizes logistics and communication materials for each mission in addition to spiritual development exercises. During missions, our priest is fully involved in all aspects of the mission. He celebrates a mass, and as a representative of the Church, he makes himself available for conversation, forgiveness and reconciliation, and even praise and worship. So far, the results have been amazing and the demand by Indigenous communities for us to conduct missions is increasing at a phenomenal rate.